Monday, April 02, 2007

goodbye friends.

many of you have been nice enough to ask how the wedding plans are going, so i wanted to update you before i put my blog and (most) of the wedding plans on hold for the next five to six weeks.

i'm pleased to report that we have chosen a date (august 18th), booked ceremony and reception sites, purchased my wedding dress (it's beautiful!), and selected bridesmaid dresses, the menu, and a dj. this month i'm hoping to secure our officiant, finish the registries (macy's and rei!) and website, and send out the save-the-dates. other than a few stressful moments here and there the planning is going smoothly overall. hooray!

as i mentioned above for the next five or six weeks i'll be dedicating most of my time and energy to finishing school. i'll be teaching full time starting next week (ancient greece and rome - ugh) and graduating may 5th (phew!) thus if you don't here from me until then, don't worry. just send me a note to say "happy easter," "happy cinco de mayo," or "happy graduation."