Friday, December 07, 2007

i have no willpower.

so my hubby tells me that martha stewart is bad and that i shouldn't buy any of her products, but it's difficult to refuse when everything is just so darn cute. even her cheapo kmart collection is amazing, so amazing that i couldn't leave the store without buying these .

like i said, i have no willpower.

after browsing through her macy's collection i had to add the items below to my christmas wishlist. perhaps i'll add "the power to say no" as well. (sigh)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

normally i'm the no christmas music/decorations before thanksgiving kind of girl but this year i was ready to start blast elvis' blue christmas as soon as starbucks' red cups arrived. i'm not sure why, maybe because it's our first christmas together or because i have a real house to decorate. i know it's all marketing but the christmas decorations and music everywhere aren't helping the urge to cover everything with glitter and garland. i'm restraining though and hoping to go for the old fashioned christmas look instead.

our christmas celebrations began with the richards' annual christmas tree retrieval. we typically trek to the u-cut farm together to debate about which tree would be the best, even the year when it was pouring outside. this year we headed to the mountains to cut down our trees. the snow added to the christmas spirit and only caused one close call. there was much less debating too for we each got our own tree for our respective houses. oh, we really are growing up!

on the way back we the icecream cones at a nearby hamburger joint called our names -- you can clearly see why.