Sunday, May 27, 2007


one of the most exciting things about finishing school is that i now have (a bit) more time to check off items from my to do list (which has been accumulating for the past year or so). in addition, i've been inspired by all of the thrifting and crafting blogs that i've stumbled upon on the web (you may have noticed some new links along my sidebar). i'm so excited to share what i've been up to!

first i went thrifting with my mom. i was pleased to purchase this white glass vase/urn to display a plant, a vintage coffee mug (i was jealous of little birds handmade), and of course some books for my classroom (i can't resist).

(sorry for the crappy photos.)

i've also had some time to scrapbook. as you can see in the photos, the pages are still missing titles and journaling, but it's still progress! i'm hoping to finish this scrapbook of our adventures while dating before the wedding so i can share it with our guests. (top to bottom: portland rose garden, oxbow regional park, guster concert in seattle and our baptism at rooster rock.)

then yesterday i went thrifting again, this time with frank. i snatched up six books (for a friend, my classroom, and myself), two tins, two binders, and a game of scrabble. goodwill is the best place to buy books and games -- cheap and barely used!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

no one puts baby in a corner.

given that we're playing exclusively 80's music at our wedding, it's really tempting to do something like this for our first dance.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

welcome spring!

in the time between my posts, i often think of ideas for posts (which obviously don't usually manifest into an actual post). one of those posts that i've often thought about (and actually started a few times) was a formal welcome to spring. admist the dreary, wet, and cold days of late have been a few wonderfully sunny and fresh days. those days have ushered in the true signs of spring -- daffodils, tulips, and trees in bloom, birds and squirrels searching for food, and the sight of skirts and sandals.

frank and i have been enjoying the season whenever we can. first we spent a few hours at portland's waterfront taking our (soon to be revealed) engagement photos and walking among the blossoming cherry trees. then we travelled north to woodland's annual tulip festival to enjoy their colorful fields.

i'm also excited about other "newness" in my life. on saturday i graduate (finally!) from graduate school after earning my new degree. hopefully (cross your fingers) a new job will soon follow. it won't be too long until i move into a new home -- we're looking for a cute bungalow in se portland. but the most exciting of all (and the biggest change) will be our new marriage (only 103 days to go - wow!) it's both strange and wonderful to think of how different my life will be in just four months.